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Easy SMS Communicator

Modem-ul GSM Easy SMS Communicator, special dezvoltat pentru a lucra împreună cu releele inteligente Easy/MFD, produse de EATON-MOELLER, asigură funcţionarea sistemelor automatizate cu comandă de la distanţă independent, cu sau fără operator, precum şi informarea imediată a managementului/personalului de mentenanţă, cu privire la evenimente deosebite şi/sau starea echipamentelor.

Monitoring and control of the temperature in grain silos

siloziuMeasuring the temperature in multiple points in order to prevent the spoilage of grains stored in silos.
Recording, storing and documenting about the performed measurement results, in accordance with the UE prescriptions.

Reduce energy costs!

stalp electric


Have you checked the reactive energy consume lately?
We correct the power factor and so you don’t have to pay the reactive energy.
We offer a complete package of services that help the industrial consumers to considerably reduce the electric energy costs.

Monitoring systems and centralized control

monitorizare consumKeep the energy consumption under control with Monitoring systems and centralized control of water, air, thermal and electrical energy consumption!
The equipments, sensors and the measuring devices from a factory can be connected to a Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition system.
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